Signature Dish To

Six Figures Side Hustle

The step-by-step training for women who love to cook, love to serve, and want to make some money doing it!

LIVE Challenge, June 19 - 23, 7pm CT

In this challenge you'll discover:

  • How I got started (the hard way), and how you can do it in a much simpler and more effective way!

  • How to get and keep GREAT customers!

  • Ways to simplify your planning, shopping and preparing to make your business life work into your life.

  • Why you're in the right place at the right time to make this move.

  • You'll walk away with everything you need to start your own Six Figure Side Hustle!


Who is Meredith?

Meredith Viguers is the owner of Central Texas' premier catering company Let Us Do The Cooking .

For the last 17 years she has grown this business from her garage to being the largest catering company in Central Texas.

Now she's sharing the mistakes, lessons learned and success tips to help you build your Six Figure Side Hustle easier than ever before.

Other Business Owners Trust Meredith

and Her Tried and True Strategies...


“My current business success has been seriously influenced by Meredith and her creative prowess.”

"I've been fortunate to have worked with Meredith during the past 6 months and I am continually impressed by her understanding and empathy when coaching me with my business development. Her ability to find the real issues from our conversation means we progress at an incredible rate to ensure agreed objectives are achieved without delay. I now rely on Meredith as a sounding board with regard to new projects and assist me with the visioning necessary to move forward to success. Meredith offers me a completely different perspective and remains nonjudgmental allowing me to resource the answers to my issues with patience and the guidance required to meet my goals. My current business success has been seriously influenced by Meredith and her creative prowess."

Rob Spicer
Crown & Cushion, Owner
Liverpool, England


“Her approach is unique…”

Meredith has been a great inspiration to me. She has helped me in a personal and business growth. She challenges my limiting beliefs and helps me to develop the right mindset required for true success. Her approach to business challenges is unique and you always learn and get inspired after meeting her. She is a great mentor, friend and very helpful human being (soul)

Nadeem Iqbal

TaxAssist Accountants

London, England


“Talk to Meredith, you won’t regret it!”

Just being around Meredith compels you to take action. Her insightful questions and ability to hold you accountable will have you making progress on things you have wanted to do for years, but just not quite ready to do. Meredith’s help has meant I’ve been able to make the leap to full-time business owner, giving me control of a better future for myself and my family.

If you have things you want to take action on, talk to Meredith, you won’t regret it!

John Daly

Bear & Bunny Nursery, Owner

London, England


Our company is sooooo much more efficient and effective than it was before.

I personally have worked with and been guided by Meredith Viguers for the last year and a half. It has been an awesome experience for myself and for the company I own.

In summary I would say Meredith has helped our company in almost all ways. Our company is sooooo much more efficient and effective than it was before. I would highly recommend Meredith to help you and/or your business. You won't be disappointed.

June Geddie, President

Software Unlimited

Tupelo, MS

This challenge will give you everything you need to

turn your signature dish into a six figure side hustle

LIVE Challenge, June 19 - 23, 7pm CT

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